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Objective: Search the requested memory (near the same color zone) and bring it back to the center (it's white, but not the only white, so good luck there)

WASD and MOUSE to move around the maze, like any FPS

E to pick up a memory / drop it in the extraction zone


Game made for the #cyberpunkjam, also my very first game. The game is stable, but not finished nor complete. I have a lot of things to learn, so I like to know when you rate ir, why you rate it that way, suggestions, etc...



"The mind of a cyborg is a very different place than anything we know.It's not a computer, it's not the human brain, it's a strange mix of both, it's something else.

Like humans, they store memories, and that's how they learn and remember things, but like the computers, they arrange it in cyber-logical ever changing places. As a result of the ever changing, sometimes they lost the logical link to their own memories, but they still are there, somewhere. This is when people like you come around, mind runners, accessing the mind of a cyborg searching for a specific memory. Sometimes for good, sometimes for not so good purposes (you know, this is cheaper and safer than tourture a cyborg for information), the running of a mind is a dangerous activity, and you can only do it in certain time before the mind itself traps you, like one more of the memories. We call it the safe connection.

Memories usually are stored in the border of each memory core, and near a matching memory color module. You have to go for the specific wanted memory, and bring it back to the center, the extraction point. Good luck mindrunner, mindhacker."